Student Services

EEBU - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Student Union

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Student Union (EEBU) is a student-run organization for all undergraduate students enrolled in an EEB- or BIO-designated course. Throughout the year, EEBU hosts numerous academic and social events to foster a sense of community among its student members.

Accessibility Services

The mission of Accessibility Services (St. George Campus) is to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities into all aspects of university life. The focus is on skills development, especially in the areas of self-advocacy and academic skills. Services are provided to students with a documented disability, be it physical, sensory, a learning disability or a mental health condition, temporary or long-term.

Centre for International Experience

The Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers quality programs and services that focus on enhancing your international experience. If you are an international student, it can help to make your adjustment to the University of Toronto easier. If you are a U of T student looking to go abroad, it offers a range of international opportunities and provides support to help you along your journey.

Health and Wellness Centre

The Health and Wellness Centre is committed to providing University of Toronto students with quality health care and health-related education, counselling and outreach. Health and Wellness collaborates with university partners as well as the general community to provide services such as: annual examinations, immunizations, counselling services, general health education, and much more.

Physical Fitness

Don't forget to stay active while studying! U of T has four different athletic centres to choose from: The Athletic Centre, Hart House, the Varsity Centre, and the new Goldring Centre. Check out one or all of them!

For more information on Student Services, please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science Student Services resources page.