How can I receive announcements from the EEB department for upcoming seminars, scholarship information, etc.?
    • If you are enrolled in either an EEB program (EEB Specialist or Major, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Major, Environmental Biology Major or Minor), you can be added to the email listserv for EEB students.
    • If you are enrolled in an EEB-CSB joint program (Biology Specialist, Major or Minor, Genome Biology Major), you can be added to the email listserv for BIOLOGY students.
    • Please email undergrad.eeb@utoronto.ca with your name, student number and POSt and request to be added to a listserv.

I am interested in one of your programs of study (POSts). How do I add it/apply?
    All of our programs are Type 1 programs. Type 1 programs have no enrolment requirements other than successful completion of four full-course equivalents (4.0 FCEs). No application is required so you can add our programs in ACORN anytime during the program enrolment period, as long as you have 4.0 FCEs. The Program Toolkit provides detailed information and instructions on how to add/change programs. 

I'd like to volunteer in a lab. How do I do this?
    Contacting professors directly to ask if they are willing to take volunteers is the best way of finding out about opportunities. But do take the time to read up on the lab and the current research being done in the lab!

I'd like to apply for an NSERC scholarship. When do I have to do this?
    Departments have different deadlines for NSERC Undergraduate Awards. EEB requests applications in late January/early February. The exact deadline will be announced some time in January. We will post this information on our NSERC USRA page, as well as to our email listservs.

I am thinking about graduate studies in EEB? Where should I go?