Summer Research Experience Scholarship in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIO150Y was the introductory ecology and evolutionary biology course on the St. George campus from 1990-2010. BIO120H and BIO220H were created in 2010-11. BIO150Y received the U of T's prestigious Northrop Frye Award in 1999 in recognition of the course's "distinguished achievements in linking teaching and research"; a tradition that continues in both BIO120H and BIO220H. The annual award honours the late U of T professor Hermann Northrop Frye (1912-1991; see U of T News article), one of the twentieth century’s pre-eminent English scholars and literary critics and a noted commentator on Canadian society and culture.

Northrop FryeThe Summer Research Experience Scholarship in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology enables an outstanding student who has recently completed BIO120H to spend four months (May to August) in the laboratory of a faculty member working in the disciplines of evolution or ecology. The first scholarship was awarded in 2001.

To be eligible you must:
  • Have completed BIO120H (St. George
    campus). Note: priority will be given to students who completed BIO120 in the Fall 2017 session, and 
  • Obtained an average of at least 85% in the university courses you are presently taking or have taken (e.g., if you are taking five courses this year, you estimate that your average among these courses will be at least 85%).

Please revisit this webpage in January for details on the value of the award, project description, and application information.