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The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) is one of the largest departments of its kind in North America, with internationally renowned and award-winning faculty. 

We offer over 60 undergraduate courses, covering areas such as molecular evolution and genomics, biodiversity, conservation biology, population genetics, animal behaviour, population and community ecology, and systematics. Over half of our undergraduate courses have a “hands-on” laboratory or field component.

Students can participate in field courses in the New World tropics, Algonquin Park (Ontario), and at U of T’s Koffler Scientific Reserve (KSR) at Jokers Hill. Our undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in cutting-edge research through our research coursesResearch awards are also available to senior students interested in completing a project during the summer. 

We invite you to attend the University of Toronto (St. George) and enroll in our courses, and in one or more of our Programs of Study. Undergraduate students in our programs learn first hand that the ecological and evolutionary underpinnings of life on Earth present a host of scientific problems that are both intellectually challenging and critical to our future.

Good luck and we hope to meet you in the future! 

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