Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Specialist/Major

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    About this Program

    Ecologists and evolutionary biologists recognize that all life has evolved and that an understanding of the factors influencing the origin and maintenance of biological diversity − from genomes to ecosystems − underlies all life sciences and is critical to our stewardship of life on this planet. Society needs to make informed decisions about sustainable development, global temperature change, control of invasive species, the preservation of genetic diversity and ecosystem integrity, and the control of emerging infectious diseases. These are fundamentally evolutionary and ecological problems.

    Students in these programs obtain an in-depth understanding of the diversity of life forms (microbes, fungi, plants, animals) and the diverse aspects of organismal biology in the natural world. Their studies include a broad array of approaches – including molecular studies, laboratory experiments, computer and mathematical modelling, and field studies –as well as opportunities to conduct independent research projects in the laboratory and/or field. There is a strong emphasis within the program on hands-on laboratory and fieldwork that complement the conceptual framework developed in lectures. Graduates of this program will experience first-hand that the ecological and evolutionary underpinnings of life present a host of scientific problems that are both intellectually challenging and critical to our future. 

    Graduates of this program will be well positioned to pursue graduate studies in ecology and evolutionary biology, as well as careers in universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools, environmental consulting firms, environmental law, science journalism, national or provincial parks, hospitals, government and non-governmental agencies, resource management agencies, private industry, research labs, and public utilities.