Biology Specialist/Major/Minor

  • This is a joint program between EEB and Cell & Systems Biology.
  • For advising for the Biology programs (including program forms) consult the EEB Undergraduate Office.

About the Biology Programs

Biology is the scientific study of life. At no time in history has biology been more visible and important to human life and the future of our planet. The study of biology has vast applications: in understanding one’s own body, in grappling with the ethical questions that face humanity and in understanding the interdependent web of living organisms on the planet. The biological sciences are experiencing a revolution. Important discoveries occur weekly as scientists and their students around the world develop and use new techniques, theories, and approaches.

The University of Toronto has many faculty members conducting research and teaching courses in the biological sciences. Within the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus, members of the departments of Cell & Systems Biology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology teach biology courses. Course are available in the broad subject areas of cell and molecular biology, developmental biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and physiology.

Because many areas of biology draw on mathematics and the physical sciences, background preparation in calculus and/or chemistry from high school is required for students pursuing a Specialist (calculus and chemistry required) or Major (chemistry) in Biology.

Students in the Biology Specialist, Major, and Minor programs take both BIO120H1 and BIO130H1. These courses require as a prerequisite Grade 12 Biology (or an equivalent course); BIO130H1also requires students to have successfully completed Grade 12 Chemistry (or an equivalent course).

Graduates of the Biology Specialist an Major programs are prepared to pursue graduate and professional studies, and as well as careers in education, health care, research labs, government and non-governmental agencies, science journalism, public utilities, and private industry, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agricultural companies. A Specialist in Biology also provides a strong foundation for students pursuing professional programs, such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, and other health sciences.