Field Courses

Costa Rica

EEB offers one to two field courses each year to such locations as the New World tropics, Algonquin Park, and at U of T’s Koffler Scientific Reserve located north of Toronto. We also participate in the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) which allows U of T students to take field courses offered by other universities in Ontario without having to apply for transfer credit.

Application Info 

For EEB403H and EEB405H, complete the 2020 Field Course Application Form and submit it by e-mail to the EEB Undergraduate Office ( for consideration. 

For EEB406H (Inter-University Field Course), complete the OUPFB Application form (also found on the OUPFB website). The completed form must be submitted in person to the EEB Undergraduate Office (ES3055B) along with ONE $350 deposit (in the form of a personal cheque or money order). Please ensure the cheque is made payable to "University of Toronto." Please ensure you only submit one cheque even if you list multiple OUPFB modules on the application.

For St. George students: if you pay tuition per course, you will be charged for tuition once you have been added to the field course. If you pay tuition as a flat program fee, you are not required to pay tuition if the course counts towards satisfying a requirement for your program. Students who are enrolled in a field-course only (i.e. not enrolled in other courses over the summer), will have the tuition for the field course removed with incidental fees remaining. This is only applicable if a student was charged on a program fee basis for the previous Fall/Winter Session. Please note that you must pay the incidental fees before the deadline, however. The incidental fees will be credited back to you some time in July only if you do not enroll in other courses taking place on campus during the summer. All students must pay the field course fee (indicated on the course description).

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 @ 4:00pm.

We will continue to accept applications until all spaces are filled. However, priority is given to applications received on time.

Field Courses 

EEB403H - Tropical Field Biology

  • Location: Peru
  • Instructors: Megan Frederickson, Adriana Bravo Ordonez, John Stinchcombe
  • Detailed course description
  • Next offered: August 16-30, 2020 (tentative)

EEB405H - Temperate Field Biology

EEB406H - Inter-University Field Course

  • Participate in a 2-week field course offered by another Ontario university between May and August, and receive a U of T credit
  • 30+ field courses are offered by the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB).
  • Please read the Application Info section above

Contact Info 

Please Note:
- The University's Grading Practices Policy states that some graded work be returned before the date to cancel a course without academic penalty. Please be aware that this is not practical for a two-week field course. 
- If you intend to graduate in November, the field course final grades may not be available to allow for degree completion. We do not recommend taking a field course if you plan to convocate in November.