Student Union (EEBU)

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Union (EEBU) is a student-run organization that provides Ecology and Evolutionary Biology undergraduates with various services, social activities, and resources.

The course union holds several events each year including educational seminars with guest lecturers, field trips, nature hikes, movie nights, and socials. EEBU also offers students previous years' tests, course information, advice on lab write-ups, test-writing, and course work.

The EEBU executive serves as representatives for the Ecology and Evolutionary undergraduates to the Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU), who in turn represent the interests of all undergraduates to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. EEBU is also responsible for providing a representation for academic grievances.

The EEBU office is located in ESC 3039 and is run by a network of volunteers. Membership to EEBU is free and if you are taking any course offered by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology you are a member of EEBU.

If you are interested in becoming involved or finding out more about EEBU, contact EEBU or drop by the EEBU office in ESC 3039.