EEB Course Syllabi

The EEB Undergraduate Office has coordinated a service for students to view previous course syllabi on the Portal site.

We ask students to please review the following important comments regarding the course syllabi we have posted.

  • The syllabi available here are NOT for the current academic session. 
  • The EEB Undergraduate Office will update syllabi on this site once each year (at the end of May). 
  • Syllabi are only provided here if an instructor has given her or his permission. 
  • Syllabi are provided to give students an idea of what the course COULD be like in the current session, such as lecture topics, required readings, and methods of evaluation. 
  • There is NO guarantee that the information in the syllabus will be similar in the current session, especially if the instructor has changed or if the course undergoes other major changes.

How to find the EEB Course Syllabi Portal Page:

  1. Log onto the Portal website using your UTOR ID and password.
  2. Click onto the "Community" Page.
  3. In the Organization search bar, please search for "EEB Course Syllabi"
  4. If this is your first time to this page you must Enrol before you can view syllabi.