Chemical Waste

For the University's Chemical Waste Disposal procedures, see the EHS website.

  • Collect chemical waste in sealable, leak proof containers compatible with the chemical.
  • Do not fill the container more than 80% full.
  • Do not mix incompatible chemicals.
  • Unused chemicals or out of date chemicals can be left in their original containers.
  • A chemical waste label must be filled in and attached to the container.
  • Larger quantities of chemical waste, such as from lab decommissioning, will be collected by UofT Hazardous Waste Management. They can be reached at 416-978-7000 for pickup.

Ethidium Bromide:

  • All material contaminated with ethidium bromide, including solids (e.g. gloves) should be packaged in a secure container, labelled and treated as chemical waste.
  • Gels contaminated with ethidium bromide should be packaged in leak proof plastic containers (not garbage bags) and disposed of as chemical waste.

To dispose of chemical waste:

  • ESC: Take chemical waste to the waste storage room ES1011. Your PI should have a key to ES1011. See Michael Arlt in RW137B.
map to ESC chemical waste room
  • RW: Take small and large amounts of chemical waste and solid chemically contaminated waste, collected in buckets, to Terry in Stores (RW033) for disposal in the chemical waste drum in the outside waste storage room. Black buckets are available from Terry or call the Chem. Tech at 416-978-4821. Buckets can be reused, but if they become dirty or malodorous, use for true chemical waste or leave in the waste storage room for disposal.