Autoclaving Agar Plates

Never pour hot agar into the sinks or into the floor drain

  • Put the plates into doubled autoclave bags that are not biohazard labelled.
  • Tie or tape the bags loosely closed to allow the steam to penetrate, place the bags into an autoclave tub and autoclave.
  • After removing the tub from the autoclave allow it to cool in the autoclave room before handling. 
  • Place the cooled bags into the garbage pails in the autoclave room.

Agar plates used in Level 2 Bio-hazard research

  • Agar plates used in Level 2 Bio-hazard research must be  double bagged  in Biohazard labelled autoclave bags and autoclaved.   
  • The Biosafety Certificate number and room number must be clearly written on the bag.
  • Put this autoclaved material into yellow bio-hazardous waste pails to be collected by the hazardous waste technicians.