Lab Coats

Almost all EEB and CSB labs use chemicals, cultures, or microorganisms, and anyone working in a lab using these materials/substances must wear a lab coat.

Lab coats used in labs should not be worn outside the lab or in non-lab areas. Lab coats are to be worn only inside the lab but have to be removed when leaving the work area.

The department provides two lab coats for all faculty and staff, and provides a laundry service for all faculty, staff and graduate students.

Lab coats to be laundered should be placed in the blue laundry basket located in room ES1023C. Prior to handing in your coat to be laundered, make sure that your name is on it. All laundered lab coats are stored in and can be picked up from the same room. Each person should have at least two lab coats. The turn around time for laundering lab coats is approximately two weeks.

All lab coats worn by personnel in Bio Safety Level II labs have to be AUTOCLAVED prior to handing in to be laundered.

The University of Toronto Protective Clothing Standard provides further details and information regarding the selection and use of appropriate protective clothing.