Chemical Spills, Large

If there is a major spill, get out of the lab and call 416-978-7000. After regular business hours, call the Campus Emergency Control Centre at 416-978-2222.


Report all spills to:

Diane Yeager
Chief Administrative Officer
Room ES3055F
Phone: 416-978-6515

*If Sally is unavailable, you may also report spills to EEB reception, by calling 416-978-8514 or visiting room ES3055.

Complete instructions on how to clean up a chemical spill can be found
on the EHS website. lab

Every lab must have an eye wash station. If there is one is not plumbed
into your lab, you must have a portable one, similar to a 1L squirt bottle
of sterile saline or water. Portable eye wash stations are available via UShop.

For details on the use of eye washes and safety showers in case of
chemical spills on the body, visit the EHS website.

You may also click here for a summary of information about safety showers and spills at UofT.