Each course supervisor is responsible for the safety of their course technicians, Teaching Assistants (TAs), and undergraduate students. Persons working in labs must be made aware of any potential hazards, laboratory procedures, and dangers and risks in using chemicals. Persons must also receive training on what to do in case of an accident.

In case of fire or accident, call 416-978-2222 (University Campus Police Emergency Line). If required, also contact the designated First Aid Trained Personnel for your floor.

If an injured person has to be taken to hospital, call the UofT Campus Police at 416-978-2323 or 416-978-2222. They will provide transportation to the hospital, or call an ambulance, if necessary.

Report accidents to within 24 hours. An Accident Report must be completed, and a special form for undergraduate students and non-employees.

All TAs, technicians, and faculty must have WHMIS training, taken within three years. All chemicals used in laboratories must be accompanied by Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). A small list of MSDS will been compiled here. MSDS should be kept in a place that is accessible to everyone in the lab.