Getting paid

Graduate students receive income in some or all of the following forms: RA, TA, fellowships and scholarships.

Fellowships and scholarships are reflected in ROSI. If you have any questions about them, please see the Graduate Administrator.

This document concerns RA and TA payments which are made through the University of Toronto payroll system (HRIS).  RA and TA payments are processed at the home campus for the supervisor or the course.

All Students based at St George or the ROM

Every year, all graduate students must submit the "Guaranteed Graduate Student Stipend Package" form to the Payroll Administrator, Jenn English. This form authorizes the RA payment to you and must be signed by you and your supervisor(s). If you have morethan one supervisor, both supervisors are required to sign and indicate their fund numbers.

(The Graduate Administrator creates and mails out all grad stipend packages to students on all campuses in the late summer)

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are required to sign an employment contract and a Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours (DDAH) form for each course you have aTAship for.


Students who TA in the fall and winter terms are required to sign one employment letter at the beginning of each term; there is also a DDAH form to be signed for each course.

All new students 

All new students should see the EEB Payroll Administrator, Jenn English, within the first week of September to obtain payroll documents and be advised of deadlines.

International Students

If you do not have a Social Insurance Number, please make an appointment immediately with Jenn. She will provide you with the information that Services Canada requires when you apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).

You cannot earn income of any kind in Canada prior to obtaining a Social Insurance Number. 

Payroll Documents Required

In addition to the documents above, you must submit the following documents before you can be paid the first time:

  • Banking Authorization Form
  • Void cheque or printout from bank with account information
  • TD1 Tax Form
  • TD1-ON Tax Form
  • Photocopy of Social Insurance Number (SIN) card
  • Photocopy of study permit, if not a citizen or resident of Canada 

If any information changes, you must submit a replacement document.

Important Notes

  • ROSI and UofT's payroll HRIS system are not connected and therefore any changes must be submitted separately for each system.
  • Pay day is on the 28th of each month (December pay is deposited earlier because of the university closure)
  • Payroll entries must be processed by the payroll close date, which is typically about the 16th of the month and about the 7th in December. Your information must reach the Payroll Administrator far enough in advance that there is time to do the processing.