Health & Safety top 10 (plus 1)

  1. Get training:WHMIS training is mandatory – you must take it before you can work in a lab.The University of Toronto Environmental Health and Safety Office offers several online courses, including WHMIS.EEB offers Safety Day Training each fall, including WHMIS, for occupants of Earth Sciences Centre (ESC).
  2.  Autoclave training: Before you use any autoclave, you must be trained on its use. For benchtop autoclaves, see your PI. For departmental equipment, get training from an authorised person. In ESC courses are offered each term.
  3.  When you are in the lab wear personal protective equipment and footwear with closed toes and heels.
  4.  Keep lab coats and gloves IN the lab.
  5.  Keep all lab doors closed and locked
  6.  Do not eat in any lab space.
  7.  Do not pour any chemicals, including bleach, down the drains.
  8.  Report any unusual odours to your PI as soon as possible
  9.  Wash your hands regularly
  10.  In Earth Sciences Centre do not fully close the fume hoods – they are a crucial part of the ventilation system.
  11.  Protect your personal property from theft or damage. Be aware that University's insurance coverage does not include your personal property.  (


For more information, consult the Environmental Health & Safety website at