Building and Room Keys

In Earth Sciences Keys and building entry fobs are available from Reception with proper authorisation and payment of deposit.  


Keys and building fobs are issued to students and postdocs only at the request of their supervising faculty.

Faculty must send an email stating the name of the student, which the rooms for which keys are needed and if a fob is or is not necessary. 

Key Deposits

There is a $25 deposit for each key and each fob. The deposit can be paid by cash or cheque. If cash, it must be the correct amount as we are unable to give change. You will be given a receipt. Please hold on to it, as you will need it to claim the deposit refund.

The deposit with be refunded via cheque and will be mailed to the mailing address on file with Reception. Note that updating ROSI or the payroll office does not update the file at Reception.  

Things you should know

Your keys are your responsibility. Do not lend them to anyone. 

If your key is lost or broken, we will replace it ONCE at no cost. After the first time, you will need to pay an extra deposit and your original deposit will be forfeited.

Do not use the key to pull open the door - the key will break.