Off Campus Safety

Framework on off-campus safety

This policy applies to all academic and non-academic activities held off the premises of the University of Toronto which are organized or sponsored by the University or any of its divisions. University of Toronto considers activities sponsored by the institution when participants are conducting research or gaining credit, obtaining funding for their time abroad or if the activity is sanctioned by the University.  The guidelines are a shared responsibility with which all students and activity sponsors are required to be compliant.

Safety in Field Research

Guidelines, forms and risk assessment tools are available on the Environmental Health & Safety website:

Travel outside Canada

Guidelines, forms and planning tools are available on the Safety Abroad website.

Field Courses

While the University insures its own employees and its own property andfield research activities, the University’s insurance policies are notmeant to cover an individual’s personal property and non-academic orexternal program activities involving participants off-campus and it isalways recommended to confirm insurance particulars beforehand.

One of the most important considerations when planning field activitiesis when to use liability waivers. These are referred in various ways,but the basic idea is to advise and inform participants to be aware ofthe risk environment and to take suitable precautions.

Use of Informed Consent and Waiver Agreements