Reporting Accidents & Incidents

These procedures outline the reporting requirements for accidents, incidents, and occupational illnesses which result in, or have the potential to result in, personal injury or property damage.

Reportable incidents are those which:

  • result in personal injury or lost time from work (including those requiring first aid, and occupational illness);
  • have the potential to result in personal injury or property damage even though no injury or damage actually occurred;
  • occur to any person on university premises;
  • occur to a university employee during the course of his/her work either on or off university premises;
  • occur to a student during the course of his/her classroom, laboratory or field work;
  • occur to a student during the course of a work placement (either paid or unpaid) which forms part of their university curriculum.
  • the above applies to incidents that occur outside of Ontario. If you will be working outside of Ontario for more than 6 months, you must contact Anne Chreptak at 416.978.8804 in Health & Well-being to extend your WSIB coverage.

The first step in reporting any and all accidents and incidents is to contact:

Diane Yeager
Chief Administrative Officer
Room: ES3055F
Phone: 416-978-6515

*Emails should have "Health & Safety Issue" in the subject line.

If Sally is unavailable, you can also direct issues to Genna or Stephanie at EEB reception by calling 416-978-8514, or visiting ES3055.

Reporting of Accidents/Incidents Involving Employees

The term "employee" refers to all full-time, part-time, sessional/seasonal employees, casual employees and graduate teaching assistants when they are performing their duties as teaching assistants.

On the day of the incident, the employer is responsible for providing and paying for immediate transportation to a hospital, health professional office/clinic or the worker's home (if necessary) and for paying for full wages and benefits for the day or shift on which the injury occured.

Within 24 hours, the supervisor must complete and submit the "Online Workplace Accident/Incident Report for Employees". Please ensure you have all of the required information available - the form has a time limit of 20 minutes. Where supervisors are unable to fully complete the form within 24 hours, the form, should still be sent, with the missing information to follow once obtained. Use “not available” for any information that is missing.

The completed form should be faxed to 416-971-3052 or hand delivered to:

Anne Chreptak
WSIB Administrator
Health and Well Being Programs and Services
263 McCaul Street, 2nd Floor

The WSIB Administrator in Health and Well Being is responsible for all liaison with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and for the ongoing follow-up of claims. For assistance or information with respect to any claim, contact Anne Chreptak at 416-978-8804.

Please note: The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board levies a fine of $250 for late reporting of lost time or a health care claim. Where this late reporting is a result of your failure, or your supervisor's failure to report the accident to the WSIB Administrator, Health and Well Being, you or your supervisor will be responsible for paying the fine. 

Reporting of Accidents/Incidents Involving Students

Students and visitors include all non-employees present or working in University workplaces. These include undergraduate students, graduate students (except when performing TA duties, in which case they are considered employees), visitors and members of the general public.

All non-employees involved in an incident/accident must report the event to a University of Toronto contact. Within 24 hours, the University of Toronto contact must complete and submit the Online Accident/Incident Report for Students, Contractors, and Visitors. Please ensure you have all the required information available - there is a time limit of 20 minutes set on the online form.

Reporting of Critical Injuries

A critical injury is one of a serious nature, which either places life in jeopardy, produces unconsciousness, results in substantial loss of blood, involves the fracture of a limb, involves the amputation of a limb, consists of major burns to the body of causes the loss of sight in a eye. Besides reporting to the University of Toronto Campus Police at 416-978-2222 and the University Safety Personnel, the Ministry of Labour must also be notified at 416-235-5330.

In addition to the above legal reporting requirements, the University requires the reporting of all accidents using the appropriate forms for any person, whether or not a personal injury occurs.

For more information regarding the reporting of accidents/incidents, visit the Office of Environmental Health and Safety Accident Reporting webpage.