The Do's and Don't's of Health & Safety

DO return lost keys to room 3055.
DON'T let others borrow your keys.
DO lock your valuables in a desk or locker.
DON'T leave your personal items unattended.
DO fill out an accident report immediately after accidents/incidents occur.
DON'T work with dangerous or hazardous materials when alone.
DO call 416-978-3000 to report fume hood vent alerts, flooding, broken locks, or unusual smells.
DON'T work in a dangerous or unsafe work environment.
DO call 416-978-7000 to report major chemical spills or gas cylinder breaks.
DON'T try to tame a fire or clean up a chemical spill on your own.
DO call 416-978-2323 to report unlocked exterior building doors after hours or on weekends, and to report any other matters after regular building hours.
DON'T let strangers into the building with you after hours.
DO wear proper lab gear when working in the lab.
DON'T wear gloves outside of the lab, or transport chemicals in the passenger elevators.