Becky Raboy

Professor Becky Raboy  175x234

Assistant Professor 

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 
PhD University of Maryland

Phone: 416-978-6665
Lab Phone: 416-978-3139
Office: RW 508
Web page:

Research Areas:
Conservation Biology;
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems;

Study Organisms: Animals


My work is multi- and transdisciplinary -- spanning ecology, behaviour, landscape ecology, and conservation biology. I use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Population Viability Analysis (PVA), simulation modeling and field work to study the ecology of endangered species and their threatened habitats and apply findings towards the development of sustainable management plans. In particular, I focus on how animals use their space, habitat preferences, demographic responses, and multi-species interactions -- in light of human-modified and continuously changing landscapes. I concentrate on Neotropical primates of southern Bahia, Brazil, and their rapidly diminishing forests as a model system. The prevalence of shade-cocoa agroforestry and cattle ranching has created a heterogeneous landscape comprising thousands of isolated or semi-isolated forest fragments distributed in a matrix of human-modified habitat with varying degrees of suitability to native biota. This offers an ideal experimental design with which to test hypotheses relating to the impact of human activity on populations, species, and communities.