James D Thomson

James Thomson 

Professor Emeritus, FRSC

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
AB, University of Chicago, 1972; MSc, University of Wisconsin, 1975; PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1978
Email: james.thomson@utoronto.ca
Web Page: http://labs.eeb.utoronto.ca/thomson

Phone: 416-978-3527
Lab Phone: 416-946-5521
Office: RW 505

Research Areas:
Behaviour, Physiology & Anatomy of Organisms;
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems

Study Organisms: Plants, Animals 


Most of my work involves the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions, with particular emphasis on plants and pollinators. I will be continuing to conduct summer field work in Colorado, but with my retirement in 2018, I will no longer be able to act as a graduate supervisor.  In special cases, I may be able to serve on advisory committees within EEB.