Santiago Claramunt


Assistant Professor

Royal Ontario Museum
Postdoctoral Fellow, American Museum of Natural History (2014)
PhD, Louisiana State University (2010)
BSc, Universidad de la República, Uruguay (1999)

Phone: 416-586-5522
Fax: 416-586-5553
Office: ROM 

Research Areas

Biodiversity & Systematics;
Genetics, Genomics & Molecular Evolution;

Study Organisms: Birds


I am studying the process of diversification usingphylogenetic and macroevolutionary approaches, and specifically, howfundamental mechanisms such as speciation, extinction, phenotypicevolution, and dispersal generate patterns of avian biodiversityover large temporal and geographic sales. I analyze molecular,phenotypic, and environmental data using phylogenetic and comparativemethods to study the tempo and mode of bird evolution. My work is highlyintegrative and aims for the unification of evolutionaryand ecological theories of biodiversity.