Helen Rodd

Helen Rodd 2

Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
MSc, U of Toronto; PhD, York U; Postdoc, Florida State; Postdoc UC Davis
Email: helen.rodd@utoronto.ca
Web Page: rodd.eeb.utoronto.ca

Phone: 416-946-5035
Office: ESC 3016 and RW 411 

Research Areas:
Selection, Behaviour, Physiology & Anatomy of Organisms
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems

Study Organisms: Animals


My main interests are in reproductive strategies: life history traits and sexual behaviour. For example, I study the ways in which individuals in adjust their reproductive strategies to the behaviour and population demography (e.g., sex ratio, density) of conspecifics. Currently, I am investigating this question in guppies in natural populations in Trinidad. I also study the role of frequency dependent selection (rare male advantage and predator search image) in maintaining the extreme, genetically-based variation in the colour patterns of male guppies. Another project looks at the role of sensory bias in mate choice decisions of female guppies.