Martin Krkosek

Marty Krkosek photo

Assistant Professor, CRC

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 
PhD, University of Alberta (2008)
BSc, University of Victoria (2003)
Web Page:

Lab: ESC 3034
Lab Phone: 416-946-7234
Office: RW402
Office Phone:416-978-3839

Research Areas:
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems;
Theoretical & Computational Biology;
Conservation Biology;
Population Dynamics, Conservation, Epidemiology, Fisheries, Sustainability

Study Organisms
: Salmon, Marine Mammals, Coastal Species, Parasites, Model Organisms, Mathematical Models


I work primarily at the intersection of theory and data in fundamentaland applied population ecology, which at its heart is studying theprocesses that underlie population fluctuations. Also of particularinterest is the application of ecological methods and theory to problemsof sustainability, such as biodiversity conservation, food security,fisheries, and infectious diseases. I have long-standing interests inthe ecology and conservation of salmon as well as the effects ofaquaculture growth on ecosystems and fisheries. See my webpage for moredetails and publications.