Mart R Gross



Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
BSc, PhD
Position: Faculty EEB
Location: Downtown (St. George) Ramsay Wright Building (RW)
Web Page:
Phone: 416-978-3838
Office: RW 503

Research Areas:
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems;
Theoretical & Computational Biology;
Conservation Biology;
Biodiversity & Systematics;
Evolutionary Ecology

Study Organisms: Animals


My lab is dedicated to research and teaching in conservation biology. Our mission is to help develop the scientific means to protect, maintain, and restore fish biodiversity in Canada and throughout the world by discovering important principles and educating other conservationists, government and resource managers, industry sectors, students and the public in fish conservation. Through the past few years my lab has become increasingly involved in important conservation projects with fish; their loss from the wild, their reintroduction by captive breeding programs, and their invasion into new environments where they may impact other species (e.g., Great Lakes). I have also been appointed to various committees on the assessment and conservation of wildlife, such as Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), where I am the Co-Chair of Marine Fishes. Because of the development and growth of this laboratory, many opportunities exist to work closely with relevant conservation issues and make a real contribution to science. To learn more about this research and the opportunities offered by my lab please visit my homepage at