Chris Darling


Associate Professor

Royal Ontario Museum
BSc, Queens; MSc, Utah; PhD, Cornell
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Phone: 416-586-5533
Fax: 416-586-555
Office: ROM

Research Areas:
Biodiversity & Systematics;
Conservation Biology

Study Organisms
: Animals


Systematic studies are based on comparative morphology and phylogenetics with the long-term goal of providing insights into a natural classification of Chalcidoidea. Biological studies concentrate on the ecology and behaviour of parasitic Hymenoptera, with consideration of the implications for biological control of insect pests. Current studies include (1) generic revisions and phylogenetic studies of Perilampidae, Leucospidae and Pteromalidae, (2) comparative morphology of adults and larvae, (3) population biology of Nasonia, (4) organization of parasitoid communities, and (5) biodiversity conservation in Indonesia.