Nicholas C Collins


Professor Emeritus

Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga
PhD, Georgia
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Phone: 905-828-3998
Lab Phone: 905-828-5452
Office: SE 3049
Lab: SE 2026

Research Areas:
Behaviour, Physiology & Anatomy of Organisms;
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems

Study organisms: Animals


  1. Ecology of littoral zones in lakes, especially the role of spatial complexity in limiting energy flow from bottom invertebrates to fish.
  2. Among-lake life history variation in yellow perch and walleye; the contribution of differences in the energetic cost of activity in determining differences in growth rates among fish populations.
  3. Impact of the round goby (an exotic fish from eastern Europe) on the shallow water fish community of southern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.
  4. Warmwater fish ecology in small coastal embayments of Lake Ontario.