Spencer C H Barrett

Prof Spencer Barrett

University Professor Emeritus, FRS, FRSC

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 
PhD, California, Berkeley, 1977
Email: spencer.barrett@utoronto.ca
Web Page: http://labs.eeb.utoronto.ca/barrett

Phone: 416-978-4151
Lab Phone: 416-978-5603
Office: ESC 2046

Research Areas:
Genetics, Genomics & Molecular Evolution;
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems

Study Organisms: Plants


Plant evolutionary biology. Ecological and evolutionary genetics. Evolutionary ecology. Experimental and comparative studies of mating-system evolution, function and adaptive significance of polymorphic sexual systems, particularly heterostyly and dioecy, evolution of self-fertilization and gender differentiation. Genetics and ecology of plant invasions. Conservation biology.