Jason Weir


Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences, UTSc
PhD, UBC, 2007; PostDoc, U of Chicago, 2010
Email: jason.weir@utoronto.ca 
Web Page: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~jweir

Phone: 416-208-5152
Office: S-549A
Lab: S-544

Research Areas:
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems;
Behaviour, Physiology & Anatomy of Organisms;
Biodiversity & Systematics;

Study Organisms: Plants and Animal


I am interested in how evolutionary processes vary spatially across the globe. Comparative approaches are used to determine how rates of evolution vary across latitudinal gradients and in regions differentially affected by Pleistocene climatic cycles. My lab uses a variety of genetic, field and computational approaches within a phylogenetic framework to estimates rates of speciation, extinction, and evolution in species discrimination traits (e.g. bird colour, bird and frog song). Next generation sequencing methods are used to investigate genome wide rates of introgression across avian hybrid zones and to map traits important for speciation in boreal, temperate and tropical faunas. Using such data, we address whether evolution proceeds fastest in species rich or species poor environments and whether climate change was instrumental in accelerating evolutionary rates.