Steven Short


Associate Professor

Biology, University of Toronto, Mississauga
PhD, University of British Columbia
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Phone: 905-828-3996
Lab Phone: 905-569-4721
Fax: 905-828-3792
Office: 3042
Lab: 4026C

Research Areas:
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems

Study Organisms: Microbes


My research focuses on the molecular ecology of aquatic microorganisms. As the major primary producers in freshwater and marine ecosystems, phytoplankton are key components of aquatic food webs and biogeochemical cycles. Moreover, the discovery of abundant viruses in all aquatic environments suggest that they are important agents of phytoplankton mortality. Thus, my research focuses on the role of viruses in phytoplankton population and community ecology. To better understand the complex interactions of phytoplankton and their viruses, I use quantitative molecular techniques to examine their community composition and dynamics in natural environments and laboratory cultures.