Shannon McCauley

Shannon McCauley

Assistant Professor 

Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga
A.B., Bowdoin College; M.S., University of Florida; PhD, University of Michigan
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Phone: 905-828-5326
Fax: 905-828-3792
Office: SE 3038
Lab: SE 2059 (temporary)
Research Areas:
Ecology of Populations, Communities & Ecosystems;
Freshwater Ecology

Study organisms
: Animals


I am a freshwater ecologist with research interests in how processes act across spatial scales to affect community structure and species distributions. At the local scale I am particularly interested in how predator-prey interactions affect community structure, while at the regional scale I have investigated the role of dispersal in shaping communities and species distributions. My recent work has begun examining how processes interact across these scales. I use a broad set of approaches to address these issues including spatially and temporally extensive surveys of aquatic communities and experiments that range from mesocosm-level to landscape-level manipulations.