James B. Anderson


Professor Emeritus

Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga
PhD, University of Vermont, 1980
Email: jb.anderson@utoronto.ca
Web Page: http://sites.utm.utoronto.ca/andersonlab/

Phone: 905-828-5362
Lab Phone: 905-828-3995
Office: SE 3043
Lab: SE 4026

Research Areas:
Genetics, Genomics & Molecular Evolution;

Study organisms: Microbes Model organisms


Population genetics and evolution of fungi. I am interested in the processes that shape the structure of fungal populations including sexual and somatic recognition, reproduction, mutation and recombination. To investigate the impact of these natural processes in populations, our research uses the tools of molecular genetics, genomics, and evolutionary biology. Current research includes the following:

  • mating systems, population biology, and evolutionary genetics of basidiomycete fungi
  • experimental evolution of yeasts
  • evolution of resistance to antifungal agents
  • genetics of adapatation in fungi
  • speciation in fungi (collaborator and co-PI, Linda M. Kohn)