EEB Graduate Program Faculty

This page shows professors in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology graduate program.They are located on all three campuses of the University  (St. George [downtown Toronto], Mississauga (UTM), Scarborough (UTSC) as well as at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).


EEB Graduate Faculty

Stefanovic, Sasa
Name Title Email  Location
Agrawal, Aneil Distinguished Professor; Associate Chair, Graduate St George
Andrade, Maydianne CB   Professor, CRC UTSC
Arhonditsis, George Professor UTSC
Barrett, Spencer C H University Professor Emeritus, FRS, FRSC St George
Bateman, Andrew Adjunct Professor PSF
Buck, Les   Professor St George
Cadotte, Marc Professor UTSC
Caron, Jean-Bernard   Associate Professor ROM
Chang, Belinda Associate Professor St George
Chu, Cindy Adjunct Professor OMNRF
Claramunt, Santiago Assistant Professor ROM
Currie, Douglas Associate Professor ROM
Cutter, Asher D Professor
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Issues & Academic Planning, FAS St George
Cyr, Hélène Associate Professor St George
Darling, Chris Associate Professor ROM
Darling, Emily Adjunct Professor WCS
de Kerckhove, Dak Assistant Professor, Status-Only OMNRF
Dickinson, Tim Adjunct Professor ROM
Engstrom, Mark Associate Professor ROM
Ensminger, Ingo Associate Professor UTM
Evans, David   Associate Professor ROM
Fitzpatrick, Mark Assistant Professor UTSC
Fortin, Marie-Josee Professor, CRC, FRSC St George
Frederickson, Megan   Associate Professor St George
Fulthorpe, Roberta Professor UTSC
Gilbert, Benjamin Associate Professor; Associate Chair, Undergraduate St George
Goyal, Sidhartha
Assistant Professor

St George 
Gross, Mart R   Professor St George
Guttman, David S Professor St George
Gwynne, Darryl T Professor UTM
Holmes, Melissa Assistant Professor UTM
Irwin, David
Professor St George
Jackson, Donald Professor St George
Johnson, Marc Associate Professor UTM
Jones, Nick Adjunct Professor UTSC and OMNRF
Kotanen, Peter M Professor UTM
Krkosek, Martin   Associate Professor, CRC St George 
Kvist, Sebastian Assistant Professor ROM
Lester, Nigel Adjunct Professor OMNRF
Levine, Joel Professor UTM
Lovejoy, Nate R

Associate Professor UTSC
MacIvor, Scott
Assistant Professor UTSC
Mahler, D Luke
Assistant Professor St George
Mandrak, Nicholas Professor UTSC
Mason, Andrew C Associate Professor UTSC
McCauley, Shannon
Associate Professor 
McMeans, Bailey Assistant Professor UTM
Mideo, Nicole
Associate Professor
St George
Minns, C. Kenneth Adjunct Professor DFO, Emeritus
Molnár, Péter K.
Assistant Professor UTSC
Moncalvo, Jean-Marc Associate Professor ROM
Moses, Alan Associate Professor St George
Murphy, Bob Professor ROM
Ness, Rob Assistant Professor
Ratcliffe, John Associate Professor UTM
Ray, Justina Adjunct Professor WCS
Reid, Scott Assistant Professor UTSC
Reisz, Robert R Professor, FLS & FRSC UTM
Ridgway, Mark Assistant Professor, Status-Only OMNRF 
Rochman, Chelsea Assistant Professor St. George
Rodd, Helen Professor; Graduate Coordinator St George
Rollinson, Njal Assistant Professor St George
Rowe, Locke Distinguished Professor, FRSC St George
Ruppert, Jonathan Adjunct Professor TRCA
Sage, Rowan F Professor St George
Sage, Tammy L Associate Professor St George
Short, Steven Associate Professor UTM
Shuter, Brian Adjunct Professor OMNRF
Smith, Sandy M

Sokolowski, Marla B University Professor, FRSC St George
Somers, Keith Adjunct Professor MOECC 
Stefanovic, Sasa Professor

Stinchcombe, John Distinguished Professor of Ecological Genetics & Director, Koffler Scientific Reserve St George
Sztepanacz, Jacqueline  Assistant Professor  St. George 
Thompson, Paul Professor St George
Thomson, James D Professor Emeritus, FRSC St George
Wagner, Helene Professor UTM
Wang, Yan  Assistant Professor UTSC 
Weir, Jason Associate Professor UTSC
Weis, Arthur Professor St George
Welch, Kenneth Associate Professor UTSC
Winterbottom, Rick Professor ROM 
Wright, Stephen Professor, CRC; EEB Chair St George

EEB Graduate Faculty Emeritus/Emerita

Name Title Email  Location
Abrams, Peter  Professor Emeritus, FRSC St George
Anderson, James B. Professor Emeritus  UTM
Baker, Robert L Professor Emeritus St George
Boonstra, Rudy Professor Emeritus UTSC
Collins, Nicholas C Associate Professor Emeritus UTM
Dengler, Nancy G Professor Emerita St George
Desser, Sherwin S   Professor Emeritus St. George
Dunham, David Professor Emeritus St George
Eckenwalder, James E Associate Professor, Emeritus St George
Falls, J. Bruce Professor Emeritus, C.M. St George
Gibo, David L Professor Emeritus UTM
Harvey, Harold H Professor Emeritus St George
Kohn, Linda M  Professor Emerita UTM
McAndrews, John H Professor Emeritus St George
McLennan, Deborah Professor Emerita St George
Morris, Glenn Professor Emeritus UTM
Sprules, W. Gary Professor Emeritus UTM
Thomson, James D Professor Emeritus, FRSC St George
Williams, D. Dudley Professor Emeritus UTSC
Zimmerman, Ann P Professor Emerita St George

ROM: Royal Ontario Museum
OMNRF: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
MOECC: Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
WCS: Wildlife Conservation Society