Jacques Berger Scholarship in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jacques Berger

Jacques Berger was born in new York City of Swiss parents. Jacquesgrew up in Philadelphia, did his undergraduate work at Pennsylvania StateUniversity. For his graduate work at the University of Illinois,Urban-Champaign (UIUC), Jacques chose to study under J.O. Corliss and completedhis 534-page doctoral thesis on echinoid ciliates in 1964. Dr. Berger gainedteaching experience at Illinois, Duke and North Carolina State before he wasrecruited to the University of Toronto in 1965. Jacques Berger rose to the rankof Professor in the Department of Zoology; he was a Senior Fellow of MasseyCollege, an Associate of University College, and an Affiliate Member of theInstitute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, andResearch Associate of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Professor Bergerpublished 59 papers on protozoans, which he collected from the Atlantic:Newfoundland, North Carolina, Bahamas, Panama; the Pacific: Marshall Islandsand Eniwetok; and the Indian Ocean: Madagascar. Jacques gained internationalrecognition in the Society of Protozoologists, where he served as Secretary andon the Executive Council, and in the American Microscopical Society where hewas elected President.

Professor Berger derived greatpleasure from the 11 graduate students he trained, several of whom went on toacademic careers.

Jacques Berger

Professor Berger was the complete naturalist and he never lost hischildhood interest in all things living. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge ofthe natural world. In midlife he became an enthusiastic golfer, to be cut shortas his legs began to fail him. Jacques turned his mind to baseball and when theUniversity looked for someone to bestow on Cito Gaston the degree, Doctor ofLaws, Jacques was chosen as the person in the University of Toronto who knewmost about the game.

Jacques Berger died in his 60th year.