Get Involved

Would you like to learn more about biology, while getting involved within the wider community? Or maybe you would like to share your own enthusiasm to others! Whether you are a student, alumnus, faculty, staff, family member, or friend, there's something here for everyone.

Interested in science outreach?

Let's Talk Science
    Want to engage with young scientists? Volunteer with Let's Talk Science to help spread the word! LTS pairs students, alumni, and faculty with classrooms across the country.
Ontario BioBlitz
    Know a little something about a taxonomic group? Participate in the Ontario BioBlitz as a Naturalist, leading survey teams or assisting with specimen identification. Or, join as an Interpreter and lead nature hikes for novices. 
Science Rendezvous
    Have you worked in a lab? Volunteer at U of T's Science Rendezvous festival to cultivate scientific literacy.

Want to get your hands dirty?

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
    Want to help clean up your city? Participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup! Protect shorelines and wildlife by joining a cleanup in your neighbourhood, or by leading a cleanup yourself.
Ontario BioBlitz
    Looking to learn about surveying and species identification? Participate in the Ontario BioBlitz as a Novice Naturalist to help survey and document diversity within a given area. 
Operation Wallacea

Academic Community

EEB Seminars
    Attend EEB seminars that pique your interest - EEB hosts external speakers most Fridays, and internal seminars most Mondays. Click here for a detailed schedule. 
Atwood Colloquium
    Attend EEB's annual Atwood Colloquium in April to learn all about cutting edge research in EEB.
Student Unions
University of Toronto Peer Tutoring
Student Groups