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Sep 2018
Sep 19 Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
 The Department is seeking a candidate who has a demonstrated a record of excellence in teaching and development of innovative labs and course materials in ecology and evolution, exhibits the intellectual curiosity
Sep 19 Assistant Professor, EEB
 We seek candidates who conduct conceptually driven research, using field, lab, and/or quantitative approaches to study fundamental questions in ecology and/or evolution.
Sep 20 Researchers at U of T show that male flies prefer females with large abdomens and hairy legs
 Rosalind Murray, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rowe Lab/ McCauley Lab along with her colleagues, Darryl Gwynne, Jill Wheeler and Luc Bussière have now revealed the lengths to which females of the species Rhamphomyia longicauda go to attract a mate at these dances.
Sep 21 Introducing the EEB Quarterly: By graduate students, for graduate students
 The first issue of the EEB Quarterly – an online publication written by and for graduate students has launched.
Sep 21 In Memory of Josh Hough
 EEB mourns the loss of PhD student, Josh Hough.
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