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Aug 2018
Aug 09 Hundreds of kilograms of trash flowing into Lake Ontario from Don River each year
 “As we’re thinking about single-use items like straws and plastic bags being banned or taxed, it makes sense, because that is what we’re seeing in our environment,” Dr. Rochman said.
Aug 10 EEB hosted “Barrett Fest”, a symposium honouring Spencer Barrett’s 40th year at University of Toronto
 On August 10-11, the University of Toronto held a symposium “Evolution of Plant Reproductive Systems: From Muddy Boots to Genomics” to honour Emeritus University Professor Spencer Barrett on the occasion of his 70th birthday and 40th year at the university
Aug 31 Spiders: Fear and Fascination, the new exhibit at the ROM
 Professor Maydianne Andrade and Associate Professor Douglas Currie lend expertise on ROM exhibit challenging our phobia of Spiders.
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