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Jun 2018
Jun 10 Dragonfly enzymes point to how they interact in ecosystem
 In the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, PhD student Denon Start worked with professors Shannon McCauley and Ben Gilbert
Jun 11 Undergraduate students trek mountains and rainforests of Peru for field research course
 20 undergrad students in Megan Frederickson and John Stinchcombe’s Tropical Field Biology course
Jun 19 Plastic not just a problem in our oceans, also affecting the Great Lakes
 Canada and the United States discard about 22 million pounds of plastic into the Great Lakes annually and unlike oceans
Jun 24 Professor Emeritus Malcolm Telford (1934-2018)
 Sadly, Professor Emeritus Malcolm Telford passed away on June 19th. Malcolm was a valued professor and colleague in the Department of Zoology for many years. His research focused on invertebrate zoology
Jun 29 Why rooftop beehives are bad for native bees
 Companies tout the environmental benefits of their rooftop apiaries, but researchers say that honeybees can have a negative impact on biodiversity
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