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Jun 2015
Jun 01 Sophia Lavergne receives graduate student award of merit from the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada
 for leadership, initiative, scientific outreach and community engagement efforts
Jun 11 EEB Professor Keith Somers receives Amethyst Award
Jun 15 EEB Faculty win
Early Researcher Awards
 Assistant Professors Gilbert, Holmes and Ratcliffe
Jun 16 The Cabinet: EEB's sci-art space presents its second artist: Liz Menard
 The Cabinet
Jun 25 500-million-year-old worm whose throat was lined with needle-like teeth
 Martin Smith a former EEB PhD student and ROM/EEB faculty Jean-Bernard Caron published paper in Nature
Jun 29 DNA barcode paper shows poor resolution for Crataegus
 Mehdi Zarrei former post-doc with Dickinson and Stefanović
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