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Apr 2019
Apr 01 EEB Peer Mentorship Program connects students to help navigate undergraduate life
 A new initiative that connects second-year students with a third, fourth or fifth-year student to provide guidance and advice throughout the year
Apr 04 We're eating and drinking our litter - cigarette butts aren't biodegradable
 PhD student Lisa Erdle discusses the hidden problem with microfibers in cigarette butts and what the city is doing to curb littering and keep butts off our curbs
Apr 08 2019 Undergraduate Research Fair
 The 2019 Undergraduate Research Fair on Friday, April 5th 2019 featured 30 posters from 17 different labs. The passion and professionalism of our undergrad project students was astounding!
Apr 22 Cities and countries aim to slash plastic waste within a decade
 Assistant Professor Chelsea Rochman writes about plastic waste reduction. Global and local community leaders from more than 170 countries have pledged to “significantly reduce” the amount of single-use plastic products by 2030.
Apr 22 Earth Day: Six things you can do right now to help the environment
 It’s easy to think a single person can’t make a difference when it comes to a problem of this magnitude – but that’s not true, says Chelsea Rochman, Assistant Professor
Apr 29 How much room does nature need? On Earth Day, a new report points to gaps in Canada’s wilderness safety net.
 Professor Marie-Josee was interviewed by the Globe and Mail
Apr 29 Exploring rainforest trails and career paths in Ecuador
 Assistant Professors: Luke Mahler & Njal Rollinson along with 19 undergrad students were in Yasuni National Park in northern Ecuador for the Diversity of Amphibians & Reptiles International/Indigenous Course Module (ICM)
Apr 29 Sea of Troubles
 Prof. Chelsea Rochman explores how plastic is breaking down – and where it’s ending up
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