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Apr 2018
Apr 03 Resilience in Coral Reefs
 Resistance and recovery determine how well ecosystems respond to adversity
Apr 06 Professors Barrett and Thomson win another teaching award
 Congratulations to James and Spencer in receiving the Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh Excellence in Teaching Award.
Apr 06 2018 Undergraduate Research Fair
 The fair featured 27 posters from 18 different labs
Apr 09 Microplastics found in some Canadian bottled water
 Tests show tiny particles but any effect on human health not known
Apr 10 Scientists worry microplastics found on farmers' fields could end up in our food
 Tiny fragments of plastic are everywhere - in oceans, freshwater and land
Apr 12 Stand up for science: More researchers now see engagement as a crucial part of their job
 How are today’s scientists rethinking public engagement?
Apr 30 Congratulations to Rachel Germain & Ben Gilbert
 Rachel has received the Ecological Society of America’s George Mercer Award
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