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Oct 2019
Oct 01 U of T evolutionary biologists track the invasion of herbicide-resistant weeds from south of the border
 “We used modern methods of genome analysis to look at the genetic similarity of different populations of these plants” explains Julia Kreiner, a PhD-candidate in EEB and lead author on the study published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Oct 03 Ant-plant partnerships may play unexpected role in ant evolution
 “We wondered if plants similarly affect ant evolution and found that is not the case,” says Megan Frederickson, associate professor
Oct 04 Canada's first sabre-toothed cat fossil found in Medicine Hat
 Ashley Reynolds, PhD candidate in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology discusses her discovery of sabre-toothed cat fossils in southern Alberta, and findings of her recent study.
Oct 11 PortsToronto Launches Phase Two of Seabin Pilot Program In Toronto's Inner Harbour
 In our lab, we find large plastic debris and microplastics in our local rivers, in the Toronto Harbour and in Lake Ontario. This litter leads to contamination of the local fish and contamination of our drinking water. We established the U of T Trash Team to increase waste literacy in our community
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