Ecological and evolutionary effects of suppressing insect herbivores in a long-term field experiment

Event date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020, at 11:30 AM
Location: Zoom

Speaker: Anurag Agrawal - Cornell University
Hosts: Marc Johnson and John Stinchcombe

It is a great pleasure to “welcome” Anurag Agrawal as the first speaker in our pandemic era EEB Seminar Series. Anurag completed his PhD at UC Davis and a postdoc at the University of Amsterdam before taking a faculty position at U of T. He later moved to Cornell where he is now the James Perkins Professor of Environmental Science at Cornell. Anurag’s work on the ecology of herbivory has earned him numerous awards, including the MacArthur Award from Ecological Society of America and the E.O. Wilson Award from American Society of Naturalists, among many others. Anurag’s work combines key tests of ecological concepts with a deep love and knowledge of natural history.