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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are scheduled as follows:
- Monday Internal departmental seminars: 12pm in RW 432
- Friday departmental seminars: 3pm in ESC B142
- Job search talks: Monday and Thursday at noon in RW 432

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October 2017
Mon Oct 2 Metacommunity responses to disturbances in a fluctuating world
 Carina Firkowski, Appraisal Seminar
Mon Oct 2 Land cover change: implications and outcomes for the ecological niche
 Adam Algar, University of Nottingham
Thu Oct 5 Impacts of aboveground and belowground interactions on the performance of an invasive thistle, Cirsium arvense
 Exit Seminar: Krystal Nunes
Thu Oct 19 Healthy ecosystems, healthy cities
 Research Excellence Lecture Series: Marc Cadotte, UTSC
Thu Oct 19 Letters of recommendation: data on gender bias
 Nicole Mideo, BREWS Discussion
Thu Oct 19 Phenotypic and evolutionary responses to whole genome duplication: challenging the instantaneous divergence model
 Brian Husband, U of Guelph
Fri Oct 20 The effects of asexuality and selfing on genetic diversity, the efficacy of selection and species persistence
 Eddie Ho: Exit Seminar
Fri Oct 20 Ethnobotany in Eastern Canada: from plant knowledge to ethics
 Alain Cuerrier, Université de Montréal
Mon Oct 23 Where do insect gut flora come from? Patterns and implications of environmental symbiont acquisition in bugs and butterflies
 Alison Ravenscraft, University of Arizona
Thu Oct 26 Understanding invasiveness: An integrated assessment of traits related to invasive potential in widow spiders
 Monica Mowery, Appraisal seminar
Fri Oct 27 Evaluating the promise of a transmissible vaccine
 Scott Nuismer, U. Idaho
Mon Oct 30 Co-influence of abiotic and biotic environments on plant local adaptation
 Anna O'Brien, PDF in Frederickson lab
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