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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are scheduled as follows:
- Monday Internal departmental seminars: 12pm in RW 432
- Friday departmental seminars: 3pm in ESC B142
- Job search talks: Monday and Thursday at noon in RW 432

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September 2017
Thu Sep 7 Dynamics of Cellulose and Lignin Production in Developing Xylem
 Lacey Samuels, UBC
Thu Sep 7 Australia's Desert Succulents: CAM plants, C4 photosynthesis and Radiations
 Joe Holton, Northern Queensland University
Fri Sep 8 The Effect of Heat Stress on Reproduction in Arabidopsis thaliana, Camelina sativa, and Oryza sativa: A Carbonyl-targeted Proteomics Approach
 Exit Seminar: Vanessa Lundsgaard-Nielsen
Fri Sep 8 Structure, behaviour and evolution of giant sperm in Caenorhabditis nematodes
 Appraisal Seminar: Rebecca Schalkowski
Tue Sep 12 How and why to check your controlled environments for data you can confidently publish?
 Lunch & Learn: Patrick Friesen, BioChambers Inc
Thu Sep 14 Quantifying the resistance and resilience of freshwater ecosystems to anthropogenic disturbance
 Exit Seminar: Karl Lamothe
Fri Sep 15 Dinosaur Palaeoecology in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta: Quantitative Assessments Using Vertebrate Microfossil Bonebeds and Stable Isotope Analyses
 Exit Seminar: Thomas Cullen
Fri Sep 15 Pollination to fertilization in the first angiosperms - a focal stage of evolutionary developmental innovation
 Joseph Williams, Univ. of Tennessee
Tue Sep 19 Women mentors and their contribution to gender composition in science
 BREWS Discussion: Chelsea Rochman
Fri Sep 22 The evolution of resistance in an agricultural weed: convergence, costs, and the mating system
 Gina Baucom, U. Michigan
Mon Sep 25 Plant-insect interactions in spatially and temporally heterogeneous environments
 Appraisal Seminar: Charlotte de Keyzer
Mon Sep 25 Tinkering with signaling: Evolution of molecular information processing networks
 Alan Moses, CSB
Tue Sep 26 Disentangling the roles of pollination and seed dispersal on populations of a keystone plant species on a fragmented landscape
 Appraisal Seminar: Luis Arias
Fri Sep 29 Explaining the evolution of resistance and tolerance through a simple model of biphasic infection outcome
 Brian Lazzaro, Cornell
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