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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are scheduled as follows:
- Monday Internal departmental seminars: 12pm in RW 432
- Friday departmental seminars: 3pm in ESC B142
- Job search talks: Monday and Thursday at noon in RW 432

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September 2014
Wed Sep 3 Sexually dimorphic immunity in insects
 Crystal Vincent, Exit Seminar
Thu Sep 4 Bee foraging in space and time: linking individual behaviour to pollination
 Jane Ogilvie, Exit seminar
Fri Sep 5 Influence of pollinator visitation patterns on multiple paternity in flowering plants
 Randy Mitchell, University of Akron
Tue Sep 9 The epigenetic link between dopaminergic gene expression and novelty seeking behaviour in the Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
 Alex De Serrano, Appraisal exam
Wed Sep 17 Evolution of coexistence mechanisms in Mediterranean annual plant communities
 Rachel Germain, Appraisal seminar
Fri Sep 19 Modelling dendritic ecological networks in space
 Speaker: Erin Peterson, CSIRO EcoSciences Precinct - Dutton Park, Australia
Mon Sep 22 Panel Discussion/Workshop
 Advice on interviewing (and applying) for faculty positions
Mon Sep 22 Science Literacy Week
 EEB professors David Evans & Nicole Mideo present at Science Literacy week
Wed Sep 24 The molecular evolution of visual pigments in whales and dolphins
 Sarah Dungan, Appraisal seminar
Fri Sep 26 Careers & Research in Ecology and Evolution Workshop
Fri Sep 26 Modelling connectivity for emblematic forest vertebrate species in Spain: improved methods and conservation insights
 Santiago Saura, Departamento de Economía y Gestión Forestal ETSI Montes, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Sat Sep 27 Careers & Research in Ecology and Evolution Workshop
Sun Sep 28 Careers & Research in Ecology and Evolution Workshop
Mon Sep 29 Natural selection in the process of mitochondrial aging in budding yeast
 Sidhartha Goyal, U of T Physics
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