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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are scheduled as follows:
- Monday Internal departmental seminars: 12pm in RW 432
- Friday departmental seminars: 3pm in ESC B142
- Job search talks: Monday and Thursday at noon in RW 432

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March 2020
Mon Mar 2 Dynamic species distributions through the lenses of climate, ecology, and selection: Amazon trees to boreal birds
 Guest Speaker: Jordan Bemmels - EEB Postdoc
Fri Mar 6 Distinctions Between Advice and Advocacy in Science
 Guest Speaker: Jeff Hutchings - Dalhousie University
Fri Mar 6 Allee Effects, Human-Induced Evolution, Regime Shifts: Tyrannies of Population Depletion
 Guest Speaker: Jeff Hutchings - Dalhousie University
Wed Mar 11 Understanding the importance of eco-epidemiological feedbacks in host-parasite coevolution
 Guest Speaker: Ailene MacPherson – UBC
Thu Mar 12 Movement Ecology: How Genes, Food, and Climate Influence Dispersal in Drosophila melanogaster
 Allan Edelsparre - Exit seminar
Mon Mar 16 Effective Mentoring and Supervision Workshop
 For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
Wed Mar 18 Multi-scale Remote Assessment of Phenology of Photosynthesis and Productivity of Northern Forests
 Exit Seminar - Chris Wong
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