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Unless stated otherwise, seminars are scheduled as follows:
- Monday Internal departmental seminars: 12pm in RW 432
- Friday departmental seminars: 3pm in ESC B142
- Job search talks: Monday and Thursday at noon in RW 432

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March 2019
Fri Mar 1 Intragenomic Conflict in Drosophila: Satellite DNA and Meiotic Drive
 Guest Speaker: Amanda Larracuente - University of Rochester
Mon Mar 4 Revealing community responses to multiple stressors in freshwater ecosystems
 Guest Speaker: Charlie Loewen, EEB Postdoctoral Fellow
Fri Mar 8 Islands as dynamic models for the study of evolutionary diversification
 Christine Parent, University of Idaho
Mon Mar 11 EEB Disasters Workshop 2019
 Hosts: Ariel Greiner, Bonnie Pilkington, Zoë Humphries, Jade Simon and Laura Third
Fri Mar 15 Using Models to Understand Animal Movement Patterns
 Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark Lewis - University of Alberta
Mon Mar 18 The diversity and developmental life history of Pachycephalosauria during the late cretaceous of western North America
 Appraisal Seminar: Cary Woodruff
Fri Mar 22 An endangered predator and an invasive prey: a novel cocktail full of surprises
 Guest Speaker: Robert Fletcher - University of Florida
Fri Mar 29 Act now or keep monitoring? Solving one of conservation biology’s trickiest problems
 Guest Speaker: Joseph Bennett - Carleton University
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