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March 2017
Fri Mar 3 Ecology and evolution of HIV and HPV infections: from within-host dynamics to epidemiology
 Samuel Alizon, Montpellier, France
Tue Mar 7 2016 Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences
 Talk Title: Evolution of Sex Chromosomes: Y go backwards? EEB Professor Stephen Wright
Fri Mar 10 Environmental uncertainty and the evolution of constraints as adaptations
 Speaker: Andrew Simons, Carleton U
Mon Mar 13 Disentangling parasite life history within the host: timing of development and reproductive investment
 Megan Greischar, EEB Postdoctoral Fellow
Fri Mar 17 TBA
 Jeremy Beaulieu, University of Arkansas
Fri Mar 24 Indicators of ecological health and human well-being: local to global perspectives
 Dr. Eleanor Sterling, Chief Conservation Scientist, American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (CBC)
Fri Mar 24 Range shifts, community turnover, and conservation of biodiversity under climate change
 Morgan Tingley, University of Connecticut
Mon Mar 27 Thermal biology of plant metabolism: global patterns, both now and in a future, warmer world
 Owen Atkin of the Australian National University
Fri Mar 31 EEB498/499 Poster Fair
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